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Alzar is a group of the people, by the people, for the people.

Alzar Group is basically a bio-technological company which is aiming to work in the bio-technical field of the country. Our dream is to create a revolution in the agriculture field and also creating a merchandised benefit of our rural people. We want not only to gain some profit but also make the people do the improvement. We hope that we’ll be able to create a company that will work best for the lower people within some time Insha’Allah. Alzar will work for the people because it is a company of the people, by the people, for the people. Our main will, our main passion, our main goal is to develop living hood as we believe in people’s participation and social belief.

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Facilities We Provide

" Our particles of work with the peoplw for social development project of commons which are on process "

Poultry Farm

Commercial hens usually begin laying eggs at 16–21 weeks of age although production gradually declines soon after from approximately 25 weeks of age as well as at a age.

Milk Vita

The federal government regulates the milk price but milk is and can be there so easy, if you are willing to drink it that is recommended as a healthy drink option other than water.


10.5 million tons of clothing are 30 times heavy as the empire state building but 40% of them are rarely or never worn where 80% of the total garment workers are female.

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" A very good startup as a beginner, very trusted and well serviced. Hope to see you in a long way to future. May Allah bless you. "

MD.Kaiyum Ali Khan

Chairman, AK Builders LTD.

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" Young company with some young blooded men. Vey well service provider. Their poultry service is just outstanding. Love for you. "

Amir Hamza Khan

Chairman, Techshoi Builders LTD.

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" At your age, I couldn.t even imagine to go so far like you. There should be courage in your chest to go such distance and you all have that. "

Engineer Shahin

Managing Director, BH Builders LTD.

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" Very innovative idea to start a step in real life at this decades. This is a generation of wasting time but you people, MashAllah, are just mind blowing. "

Masudur Rahman Litu

Principal, Alhaz Shafiuddin & Akabbor Technical College