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" Our particles of work with the peoplw for social development project of commons which are on process "

Poultry Farm

Commercial hens usually begin laying eggs at 16–21 weeks of age although production gradually declines soon after from approximately 25 weeks of age as well as at a age.

Milk Vita

The federal government regulates the milk price but milk is and can be there so easy, if you are willing to drink it that is recommended as a healthy drink option other than water.


10.5 million tons of clothing are 30 times heavy as the empire state building but 40% of them are rarely or never worn where 80% of the total garment workers are female.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Alzar Group is basically a bio-technological company which is aiming to work in the bio-technical field of the country. Our dream is to create a revolution in the agriculture field.

We work to create a revolution in the agriculture field and also creating a merchandised benefit of our rural people. We want not only to gain some profit but also make the people do the improvement.

Business Plans shoulbe be thought by brain, not by heart or emotion. It's totally a matter of highconfidence and dedication. Once you focus, you'll achieve.

Our investment planning is of two types. One part is for executive purposes and the other one is only for the business sight.